Visual Skills Needed

We normally don't think about all of the visual skills that make up good vision. And good vision helps your kids perform well—in play, in school and on the ball field. Here are some of the visual skills you may notice your child continuing to hone in on throughout their childhood.

  • Eye movement control - moving both eyes together to accomplish a goal like following a ball or reading
  • Simultaneous focus at far - seeing an object clearly at a far distance
  • Sustaining focus at far - keeping an object in the far distance clear
  • Simultaneous focus at near - seeing an object clearly up close  
  • Sustaining focus at near - keeping an object up close clear
  • Simultaneous alignment at far - aligning both eyes on a far object
  • Sustaining alignment at far - keeping both eyes aligned on a far object
  • Simultaneous alignment at near - aligning both eyes on an object up close
  • Sustaining alignment at near - keeping both eyes aligned on an object up close
  • Visual acuity - sharpness of vision
  • Peripheral vision - seeing what's on the side of you when eyes are looking straight
  • Depth perception - ability to determine distance of objects
  • Color perception - ability to tell colors apart
  • Gross visual-motor - eye-body coordination 
  • Fine visual-motor - small movements that require eye-hand accuracy from your vision; writing, coloring
  • Visual perception - the ability to understand what you are seeing (not how you see it - that's visual acuity)
  • Visual integration - coordinating visual skills with gross and fine motor skills

If you ever have a concern about your child's vision development, schedule an appointment with your pediatrician or eye doctor.

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