Tissues for Saftey Glasses

Choose tissue refills from Sight Savers Brand. Sight Savers refills clean, polish and protect all eyewear. They are backed by the quality and service of Bausch + Lomb and they are economical and packaged to last.

For more information or to place an order, contact Bausch + Lomb directly at 1-800-452-6789 or call your Bausch + Lomb representative or Authorized Sight Savers Distributor today.

All Purpose Tissues

all purpose tissues 8566 colts performance seal
  • Low-lint, soft and absorbent for easy cleaning
  • Applications for home and office
  • 5" x 8"
  • 280 count is long-lasting
  • Catalog Number 8566
 Interfold Low-Lint Tissues 8571
  •  soft, non-abrasive - excellent for glass
  • 760 interfold low-lint tissues
  • non-silicone
  • Catalog Number 8571

Order Information

Cat. No.



Case Size



26 lbs

2.33 cu.ft.

18x 16 x 14