Bausch + Lomb offers a complete line of gas permeable (GP) contact lens care products designed to meet your individual lens care needs to keep your GP contact lenses clean. Our product offering includes Boston brand one or two-bottle gp care systems, enzymatic cleaner to remove proteins from GP contact lenses, rewetting drops and lens cases for GP lenses.

Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution and Boston ADVANCE Cleaner
The #1 doctor recommended two-bottle care system for GP lenses provides great comfort. Separate cleaner removes debris and deposits for clean, clear lenses. Conditioning solution disinfects and cushions GP lenses.
Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution
Convenience. The convenient 1-bottle system with the power of a 2-bottle system. Cleans, disinfects, conditions and removes protein from gp lenses with single-bottle convenience. 
Boston ORIGINAL Conditioning Solution and Boston ORIGINAL Cleaner
The two-bottle GP lens care system with excellent disinfection in a mild, gentle formula. Separate GP cleaner removes dirt and debris for clean lenses. Effectively kills germs on hard and GP contact lenses.
Boston One Step Liquid Enzymatic Cleaner
Specially formulated to remove protein deposits from GP lenses when used weekly. Works right in your lens case as you disinfect with Boston Conditioning Solutions. 
Boston Rewetting Drops
Boston Rewetting Drops recondition and coat gas permeable (GP) lenses to relieve minor irritation and discomfort during contact lens wear.
Boston Lens Case
Leak-proof, durable lens case specially designed for GP lenses. Use during disinfection, protein removal and storage of GP lenses. For safe and healthy lens wear, replace the lens case at least once every 3 months or as directed by your eye care practitioner.



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