Vision Shaping Treatment (VST)

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Bausch + Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment (VST) is an innovative process that effectively treats nearsightedness and mild astigmatism. VST uses customized shaping lenses to gently correct your vision while you sleep so you can enjoy clear vision during the day without glasses or contact lenses.

How Does It Work?

Your eye care professional will prescribe shaping lenses that are custom-fitted to the specific contour of your eyes. Every night, these shaping lenses gently reshape your eye to correct your vision while you sleep. They correct nearsightedness by reshaping the surface of the eye so that light focuses properly on the retina, instead of in front of it. In the morning, you take out your vision shaping lenses and enjoy clear vision without glasses or contact lenses.

Note: To maintain the effect of myopia reduction, overnight lens wear must be continued on a prescribed schedule. Failure to do so can affect daily activities (e.g., night driving), visual fluctuations and changes in intended correction.

Are You A Good Candidate For VST?

Bausch + Lomb VST may be a suitable option for people with lifestyles where glasses and contact lenses can be problematic:

  • Athletes and others with active lifestyles
  • Those with professions that require hassle-free visual freedom
  • People who aren't ready for or who aren't candidates for LASIK surgery.

Ask your eye care professional if they are right for you.



Bausch + Lomb® Vision Shaping Treatment, using Boston Shaping Lenses, is a fitting procedure that temporarily corrects or greatly reduces nearsightedness (known by the medical name, myopia) with or without astigmatism, after shaping lenses have been removed. By temporary, it means that the Shaping Lenses are worn while sleeping (overnight) and then removed upon awakening; at which time the nearsightedness remains corrected or greatly reduced for all or most of your waking hours.


DO NOT USE your Shaping Lenses when you have any of the following:

  • Soreness or swelling of the eye, or active infection on the surface or inside your eye
  • Any eye disease, injury, or abnormality that affects the clear part of the front of your eyes, the white of your eyes, or your eyelids
  • Dry eye diagnosis from your eye care doctor
  • Reduced corneal sensitivity (clear part of your eyes)
  • Any disease that might affect the eye or might be made worse by wearing contact lenses
  • Allergic reactions of the surface of your eye to the contact lenses or contact lens care solutions
  • Allergy to any ingredient in a solution which is used to care for vison shaping lenses, such as mercury or thimerosal
  • Red or irritated eyes


Incorrect use of contact lenses and lens care products can result in serious injury to the eye. It is essential that you follow your eye care doctor’s directions and all labelling instructions for proper use of contact lenses and lens care products. If you experience eye discomfort, excessive tearing, vision changes, loss of vision or redness of the eye, immediately remove the lenses and do not wear them until instructed to do so by your eye care practitioner.

The risk of ulcerative keratitis has been shown to be greater among wearers of extended wear lenses than among wearers of daily wear lenses. This risk can be reduced by carefully following directions for routine lens care, including cleaning the storage case. It is recommended that contact lens wearers see their eye care practitioners twice each year or, if directed, more frequently


  • Please note that the safety and effectiveness of Bausch + Lomb Shaping Lenses have not been clinically studied in adolescent and pediatric patients.
  • Only use recommended solutions with the lenses.
  • Always use fresh unexpired lens care solutions.
  • Always follow directions in the package inserts of lens care products used.
  • Use only a chemical lens care system. Use of a heat (thermal) system can cause damage by warping the vision shaping treatment lenses.
  • Do not use saliva or anything other than the recommended solutions for lubricating or wetting the lenses.
  • Do not use tap water as a rinsing agent.
  • Always wash and rinse hands before handling lenses.
  • Be certain that your fingers or hands are free of foreign material before touching your contact lenses.
  • Clean and condition lenses prior to use.
  • Never wear your contact lenses beyond the period recommended by your eye care practitioner.
  • Always empty and rinse the lens care case with fresh, sterile rinsing solution and allow to air dry.
  • Replace your lens case every 3 months or as directed by your eye care practitioner.


The following problems might occur when you are wearing your vision shaping lenses:

  • Eyes stinging, burning, itching or other eye pains
  • Comfort is less than when the lens was first placed on the eye
  • Feeling of something in the eye, such as a foreign body or scratched area
  • Excessive watering of the eyes
  • Unusual eye secretions
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Reduced sharpness of vision
  • Blurred vision, rainbows, or halos around objects
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Dry eyes

If you notice any of the above, IMMEDIATELY REMOVE YOUR LENSES

  • If the discomfort or problem stops, then look closely at the lens. If the lens is in any way damaged, DO NOT put it back on your eye. Please the lens in the storage container and contact your eye care practitioner.
  • If the lens has dirt, an eyelash, or other foreign objects on it, or the problem stops, and the lens appears undamaged, you should thoroughly clean, rinse, and disinfect the lens and then reinsert it. Do not use a tap water rinse, use the approved conditioning solution as a rinsing agent.
  • If the problem continues, you should IMMEDIATELY remove the contact lenses and consult your eye care practitioner.

When any of the above problems occur, a serious condition such as infection, corneal ulcer, neovascularization, iritis, persistent stromal edema or GPC (giant papillary conjunctivitis) may be present. You should be instructed to keep the lens off the eye and seek immediate professional identification of the problem and prompt treatment to avoid serious eye damage.

Please discuss the benefits and risks of Bausch + Lomb® Vision Shaping Treatment with Boston Shaping Lenses with your eye care practitioner.