SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses combine outstanding all-day comfort with crisp, clear vision, even at night. Fresh, new lenses everyday means no daily cleaning, storage, or care required; wear them for a day, then, throw them away.

Comfort. Vision. Convenience.

Key Features & Benefits

  • High Definition Optics helps reduce the appearance of blurriness, halos, and glare
  • No daily cleaning, storage, or care required; wear them for a day, then, throw them away
  • Also available for astigmatism
Comfort moist technology

Outstanding all-day Comfort

SofLens Daily Disposable lenses achieve a high level of comfort through ComfortMoist Technology – our unique lens design and innovative packaging solution. The lens design is exceptionally thin, allowing comfort throughout the day. The slow-release packaging solution creates a cushion of moisture around the lenses – keeping your eyes comfortable all day through the end of the day.

soflens daily disposable difference

Crisp, clear vision, even at night

SofLens is the daily disposable lens with High Definition Optics – a technology that helps reduce the appearance of blurriness, halos, and glare. The result is crisp, clear vision even in low-light situations. 

Easy to handle

  • Convenient lens pack features easy-to-grip tab and tear-away label
  • Ergonomic blister pack enables smooth lens removal

Is this product right for you?

SofLens daily disposable contact lenses : Additional information

*An eye exam may be necessary before receiving your free trial, and the free trial certificate does not include the cost of an eye examination or any other professional fees. At participating offices. Certificate entitles the bearer to one pair of SofLens brand contact lenses only.

1 Distance images represent simulated retinal images. These simulated retinal images were created using Visual Optics Lab (Sarver and Associates, Inc., Carbondale, Illinois), and represent viewing the theater sign at a distance of approximately 150 feet over a 6 mm pupil. The right image represents the retinal image in the absence of any spherical aberrations. The left image represents the effects of +0.15μm of spherical aberration (population average: Thibos LN, et al. J Opt Soc Am A. 2002; 19:2329-2348). Individual results may vary.