Soft Lens Multi-Purpose Solutions

Multi-Purpose soft contact lens solutions are designed with convenience in mind. Most products have “all-steps-in one-bottle”. Be sure to follow the directions to obtain disinfection and cleaning.

Ask your eye care professional if Bausch + Lomb lens care products are right for you.

Biotrue multi-purpose solution
Try Biotrue multi-purpose solution today - and experience advanced lens care inspired by the biology of your eyes. Biotrue conditions, cleans, removes protein, disinfects, rinses and stores soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses.
renu Advanced Formula Multi-Purpose Solution
renu Advanced Formula Multi-Purpose Solution combines three disinfectants to kill 99.9% of germs, provides excellent cleaning, and has an enhanced conditioning system to provide you with all day comfort.
renu fresh multi-purpose solution
renu fresh multi-purpose solution is proven to fight germs, clean lenses and remove irritating protein deposits daily. renu fresh multi-purpose solution is for use with soft contact lenses.
renu sensitive multi-purpose solution
Original, gentle formula. renu sensitive contact lens solution cleans, rinses, and disinfects daily and extended wear soft contact lenses. All steps in one bottle.